About Offroad Towing & Recovery

We love the outdoors just as much as our clients! Our drivers are locals that know the perils associated with driving your truck offroad. The reaity is, sometimes your truck gets stuck in the mud, buried in the sand, or possibly even submerged in water! We’ve seen it all, and we can rescue your truck or other offroad vehicle from almost any situation.

In addition, all of our drivers are certified mechanics – so we may be able to get you back up and running right on the spot, or provide a diagnosis and suggest a course of action to get your vehicle running again.

Since we utilize a 4-Wheel Drive Big Block Wrecker, we can rescue you and your vehicle both ON and OFF the road. And once we rescue your truck, our drivers can travel on any open road or highway to get you to safety.

Offroad Towing

Locally Owned and Operated, by Real Local Offroad Experts

Don’t trust the rescue of your 4 Wheel-Drive Truck to just anyone! Call Offroad Towing to ensure that you get a local towing professional who knows the many trails and offroad tracks in the greater Wilmington area.

When your truck, 4-wheeler, or ATV is broken down or stuck in the mud in those hard-to-reach places, our towing experts will get you out safely and quickly.

Offroad Towing Wrecker

When you call Offroad Towing, one of our drivers will arrive in a powerful 4 Wheel Drive Big Block Wrecker Tow Truck!

We can pick you up on the scene, and take care of you after the scene too – including travel on the highways